This is home. At least for the time you stay with us!

The fishing lodge is situated overlooking some of the streams of the Soca valley. We are literary minutes away from brilliant fishing and this is a genuine place that will make you think, breathe and feel fishing. Breakfast is served in the amazing restaurant part of the lodge and is the perfect start for a full day on the water. A typical dinner in the restaurant will include local game dishes cooked to perfection. The lodge owner used to operate a restaurant with a star in the Guide Michelin and every meal reflects this.

The Wine cellar, which was built in the 1700:s, has a wide variety of excellent wines and there is also a perk. Dried and cured meats, a speciality of the region, are also stored here. There is no better place to relax after a full day, or why not spend an hour or so during the heat of the day down here with a glass of something cold.

The Gasparin family, who have a true passion for both fishing and food, runs the lodge.

If you run out of your favourite pattern there is also a fly tying room at the lodge. There is all sorts of materials available here for your needs or if you want to try out a new pattern. If you’d rather spend your time at the water, there are plenty of ready tied flies for sale.

The Cabins are fairly recent and well appointed and nice. The only complaints have been about the stair to the upstairs bedrooms, which can be a bit strenuous if you have stayed a bit too long in the Wine cellar.

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