Ett fantastiskt flugfiske i Slovenien i underbara strömmar

Fly-fishing in Slovenia

Your guide to Paradise

My name is Joakim Bryngelsson and I’ve been an obsessed Fly fisher for more years than I care to remember. Ever since my first trip to Slovenia I’ve been mesmerised by the breathtaking beauty of the country and it’s extraordinary fishing. One thing that surprised me during my first years in Slovenia was how few from our part of the world had discovered this paradise. That eventually prompted me to start Fly-fishing Guide Slovenia to offer other fly fishers the opportunity to experience the natural beauty and good fishing that has captured me.

My many years of experience of this region, of the hatches and fishing in all sorts of conditions combined with good local contacts will guarantee you an exceptional experience. Come with us and live out your Fly-fishing dream on some of the best Rivers in the world. This is a place that will take your breath away.

Best regards

Joakim Bryngelsson

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