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Joakim Bryngelsson, Trollhättan - - - postmaster@flyfishing-slovenia.se - - -

Favourite Fishing: Trout and Grayling, preferably on dry flies or small nymphs.
Favourite Waters: The streams of Slovenia, Ribnik in Bosnia, Idsjöströmmen in Gimriver, Sweden and Hemsila in Norway .
Other interests: Travel and Fly Tying.

Founder of Fly fishing Guide Slovenia and fishing guide that arranges dream trips to Slovenia and nymph fishing courses in the streams of Scandinavia.

Johan Söderberg, Skepplanda - - - johan@conceptsports.se - - -

Favourite Fishing: Dry Flies in Rivers and Streams plus the pursuit of Seatrout in the Salt of the Swedish West coast.
Favourite Waters: Storån, Sweden. Slovenia and The Swedish West coast.
Other interests: Soccer, Fine Whisky and Family life.

Johan have a solid experience of fly-fishing, courses and guiding. He is the guy that makes everyone smile and will make you feel really welcome. Besides the Guiding he does for Flyfishing Guide Slovenia he also instructs in fly-fishing together with some other instructors thru flugfiskekurs.se. Johan is also the guy to talk to when it comes to the necessary equipment for your trip with us to Slovenia.

Peter Olsson, Gothenburg - - - peter@photprint.se - - -

Favourite Fishing: Surface-feeding members of the trout family is what makes Peter tick.
Favourite Waters: Small, untouched streams where you can find truly wild, healthy fish in beautiful and serene surroundings.
Other interests: Fly tying, Photography and design.

Peter is a Professional photographer and Fishing guide that value fishing in experiences and impressions and not in numbers or size of fish. Peter administrates the Flyfishing Guide Slovenia website and will, whenever he has a chance, guide as well.
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