The combined challenge of clear water and big fish in close quarters is demanding on both fisherman and gear. This is a suggestion on what you should bring based on our experience of the diverse fishing and conditions of the area.

Rods: Usually a 3-4 weight is ideal for most of the fishing. To hunt for Marmorata trout and to master the bigger rivers a 7-8 weight is better suited.

Lines: Discreetly coloured lines that presents softly and without splashing is essential. We often use DT or Longbelly lines. For tippets we prefer fluorocarbon between 5X and 8X.

Flies: In Slovenian waters you are not allowed to fish with rigs of several flies. The operative word here is variation. The hatches are often massive and fish becomes selective to one single stage of the bugs. One day it will be size 22 emerging mayflies; a few days’ later giant stoneflies will swarm over the water. Since the water is mostly very clear the fish has a lot of time to observe the fly before deciding. This makes presentation and choice of fly even more important. All flies must be barbless or debarbed. We recommend you to buy hooks/flies that are barbless since these will hook better than debarbed hooks. The combination of thin tippets and large fish makes it essential to get a good hook hold without too much force.

Essentials: Good Polarized glasses is an absolute must since a majority of the fishing we do is sight fishing. Light and highly breathable waders, waist high models are ideal, is preferable during the summer and early fall.

Match the hatch
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