Slovenian grayling

A Fly-fisher’s dream

I believe that every one that has ever taken up a fly rod has dreamt of the ultimate water to fish, I am no exception. For me it began with booking and planning the trip of my dreams. Then the day was there and after a relatively short flight I got into my rental car and drove off towards the mountains. With the map balanced precariously on the steering wheel I arrived at my destination. This was the Soca valley, an area riddled by clear blue streams. Even though it is hard to single out one specific river in this abundance I must tell you about Tolminka. This is a river that meanders through one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia and also the first I ever fished in that area. When I arrived at the river I gave myself good time to scan the water, looking for a nice fish. I found a Rainbow that was feeding actively and picked out a pale mayfly imitation. After a couple of casts the drift went right over the fish and I saw it rise, slowly, towards my fly. For a second ! everything was still and then the fish had taken the fly and the reel was screaming and my heart pounded like a hammer in my chest. That insane, intense feeling of exhilaration that always comes when you just hooked a fish. I fought the fish and that time everything went my way, a nice, deep Rainbow Trout with intense colours came to my hand in the clear water. What a way to begin a trip!

To fish these rivers and streams for Trout, Rainbows and Grayling was what I’ve dreamt of all thru my planning and now I was here. Aside from the above-mentioned fish there is also the Marmorata Trout, a fish unique to this region. To catch a big Marmorata, close to double figures, on a small nymph was an unforgettable experience. When the fish moved to the fly in water no deeper than a couple of feet and then went ballistic on hook-up, it gave me a memory that will stay with me forever. To release this magnificent fish back into the cold, clear river felt like the most natural of things.

To me, one of the big surprises was the Grayling. Much more aggressive than the fish I was used to from Scandinavian Rivers. On that first trip I managed a fish that was just a fraction under my personal best of four pounds, but what a fish! Sight fishing in crystal Rivers for these shy, quick and strong fish is one of the best fishing experiences I have ever had.

The added bonus of tasty Slovenian cooking and good, inexpensive local beer and Wine gave that trip yet another dimension. To further those impressions of a good place is also the fact that Slovenians are a kind and hospitable people that makes a visit to their country a pure joy.

To fly-fish Slovenia is to live your dream.

This is a paradise that needs to be experienced to be believed.

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