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Fly-fishing holidays

Standard (1690 €)
7 Nights lodging in 4-bed Cabins at our beautiful lodge. 6 days guided fishing in groups of 5, all fishing permits included. We will fish both the Soca valley and the upper Soca/Lepena area. The price includes all transports in Slovenia, including airport transfer. Breakfast and dinner as well as free access to the drinks and delicatessens of the wine cellar is naturally included in the price.

Exclusive (3290 €)
As above but the fishing will also include the Bohinjka area and 1 day on the world famous limestone river Unec (Unica). This option also includes a daily lunch and cold beverages on the River. Guided fishing in groups of 2.

Available weeks for 2010:

September 25 - October 2
October 3-10

Language selection:
Swedish English
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